I believe schools should be the best game in town! Schools should be a place where students are authentically engaged in quality learning, develop high regard for understanding each others’ perspectives, create strong relationships and build a highly collaborative culture of passionate engagement, and hold high expectations for themselves and others.

Through my experience as a teacher, coach, trainer, and school administrator I’ve developed abilities and tools to help your organization move toward this goal. I invite you to learn more about who I am, my experiences, and what I have to offer your organization.

Carol Frodge

Upcoming Training

Restorative Justice Practices for Schools; Carol Frodge, M.Ed & Lori Lynass, Ed.D.

Restorative Justice Practices applied in our schools reflects an approach to proactive community building and provides ways to respond to problematic and harmful behavior that supports persons harmed and holds those that harm accountable for their actions. The restorative model fits well within the multi-tiered framework of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).

New Training: Building Social Emotional Learning Through Academic Strategies

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) enables children and adults to manage and understand their emotions, set positive goals, build and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Through direct and indirect instruction, SEL in the classroom has been proven to help students learn better, perform better on tests and work in a more positive and collaborative manner with their peers. SEL skills in the classroom enable students to learn how to learn. This training outlines five different teaching strategies to build SEL skills through direct practice and discussion. By the end of this training, participants will better understand SEL skills and competencies and how to practice these skills in the classroom without a SEL curriculum.

 2021-22 Schedule

For the latest information about upcoming PBIS trainings  go  to Sound Supports K 12 website at http://www.soundsupportsk12.com and NWPBIS at http://www.pbisnetwork.org

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