Who I am

I’ve always had a passion for teaching.  My career spans the whole K – 12 system, four school districts, three states, and two years in the Peace Corps.   I’ve taught grades 1, 7, 8, and 9 – 12.  Most of my teaching experience is with middle school, and my joy has been teaching math and science.  My Peace Corps experience ignited my interest in learning about other cultures and developed my world view. Throughout my years of teaching I have been curious about the keys to student engagement.  As I worked to become more effective as a teacher, I discovered the power of project-based learning, the Socratic method of questioning, and the need for students to have a voice in their education. 

After holding various teacher leader positions, I was chosen to participate in a four year International project with Cambridge University, England, supported by the Wallenberg Foundation.   The focus was creating teaching  practices that developed leadership throughout the system and improved instruction.  This experience propelled me toward pursuing my principal certification.  I then worked as assistant principal at a middle school and as an elementary school principal.

I wanted more understanding around creating positive school environments for staff and students and why change is so difficult.  This has led me to learn about Restorative Justice, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, engagement strategies, PBIS, AVID, Reciprocal Teaching and a myriad of other strategies.  I have chosen consulting, facilitation, and training as a way to support positive change.

As a consultant, I’m excited to share my expertise and experiences and to work with  a variety of school communities.  I enjoy unlocking the potential for teachers and principals to create the change they want.

I live in Seattle with my husband in the same home where we raised our two daughters.  I love to travel, especially to Spanish speaking countries, and am on a continuing quest to become fluent in Spanish.  I enjoy reading professional publications, as well as historical fiction.  I’m an avid outdoors person, and relish bicycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, and the benefits of regular yoga practice.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you.

Warmest regards,

Carol Frodge


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